Great DIY Car Detailing Tips

Great DIY Car Detailing Tips

Car enthusiasts often give the same love to their vehicles surface as the skin on their face but then it depends on car cleaning products they applied. In fact, it goes so far that some people spend more time looking after their cars paint than their own skin! Its important that you take great care of your car surface to keep it looking great as your vehicle gets older.

In 2013, it is easier than ever to take care of your vehicles surface. Techniques developed by professional car detailing business around the world have been passed onto car lovers. Vehicle paint has come a long way with huge improvements from the days of lacquer covered with carnauba paste wax. Auto paint is now a lot more durable and shines longer than in the past. It is perfectly fine to get rid of your old cans of rubbing compound, your leather chamois and piles of newsprint for buffing. You can get rid of your old car cleaning products with items like blocks of paint-cleaning clay, microfiber cloths, aloe leather healer, and chemical paint cleaners.

If you’re considering some DIY car detailing, please be cautious and work the diligence and patience. Professional car detailing businesses use the best machinery and equipment that they have practiced with. Take caution when operating similar machinery so that you do not damage or harm your vehicle. Use a professional car detailer if you are unsure what you are doing when detailing your vehicle. It is suggested that when you detail your vehicle, start with the unpainted surfaces first such as the carpets and tyres.

It is best to get a professional detailer to help you when your paint has a scratch that goes down to the metal. A professional car detailer will help you by sanding the scratch and filling the scratch with paint using a tiny pinstriping brush. A professional can blend this type of fix with the surrounding paint, but this takes great experience.

First Start The Detail with Compressed Air and Stiff Scrub Brushes On Your Carpets

When detailing your vehicle, the first step to start is to fire up the air compressor and blow dirt from the nooks and crannies of your car’s floor onto the middle of the carpet, where you can easily vacuum up the dirt. Stiff brushes can help to to loosen dirt from the carpets, mats and upholstery. If your vehicle has leather seats and interior, use a conditioner with aloe. Do not use the scrub brush on the leather seats!

Clean Your Vehicles Ducts to Keep the New Car Smell That Everyone Loves

Use a air compressor to blow dust and dirt out of the vehicles heating and air-conditioning vents. Its best to aim the high-pressure air at the walls of the ducts behind the vent grilles, where dust and dirt stick and cause musty odors.

Do Not Utilize Acid Based Tire Cleaners

A professional car detailing business will use specially mixed acid solutions to clean dirty tires and to strip dirty residue from new tires, as well as to get tough brake dust off wheels. However, if you are going to clean your vehicle, don’t use acid based cleaners. Acid-based cleaners have caused bare alloy wheels to oxidize and pit, so beware! Additionally, they can result in damage to wheels painted with color or clear coatings. Wheels, tires and alloys should be cleaned before you clean and protect your vehicles paint.

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